The workbook provided me peace of mind in a time where I needed clarity. I had logical steps to follow to prepare myself for whatever meetings I would have. It was a great tool to feel productive in the midst of feeling powerless. It boiled an overwhelming process into manageable steps. Highly recommend investing in yourself by purchasing this book!


DIVORCE. Another topic that maybe shied away from , or not talked about openly enough. If you’re considering taking that step, or know someon that is …… you’ve got to reach out to Audra @Option29. She is truly committed and passionate about assisting women in this circumstance of life. She will give you everything that she has to make sure you’re whole, complete, and empowered during the process.


I was able to get the tools and guidance and support system that I needed to get me through this very tough situation. I was able to make decisions in a logical and very methodical process. Without Option29 I would not be where I am today. Very grateful and thankful for this service and everything the team did for me! Thank you Option29!


I was married and divorce at a very young age and I’m a survivor. I know through time and having support around me like Option29 – I was able to go through this process and it gave me the tools and hope that I needed in life to get through this. I would highly recommend this service and Audra and her team!


Audra truly cares about your well being and has the best contacts and resources available for anyone going through divorce. She helped me find and buy a home after my divorce and along the way personalized all of her messages to me making feel like one of a kind. Can’t wait to work her again in the future!


I reached out to Audra for a referral for a divorce attorney as well as support for navigating a peaceful low-drama divorce. She listened well and had the wisdom to know there may be stones left unturned in my situation.

She had no personal or financial agenda, just a sincere attitude of service to help. At my request, she recommended a specific, specialized therapist I was having trouble finding on my own. She took the time to explain her coaching services to me, showing a genuine willingness to customize a plan that would work within my budget.

Audra has integrity, experience, and a good gut instinct that only comes from living through personal adversity. I highly recommend utilizing her coaching if you’re facing a divorce and need honest, wise support to get through such a difficult thing as divorce. It will be worth it.