Divorce Coaching

Breaking the Barriers to Becoming Whole

Ever wondered how you are going to survive during your divorce? Seeking a lawyer or family law divorce attorney can break the bank. And, what if, you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, individual, or partner. In that case, divorce negotiations can be extremely challenging and overwhelming. This is where working with a certified divorce coach or a divorce recovery coach and selecting our divorce coaching packages will help you thrive before, during, and after divorce.

What is divorce coaching?

Divorce coaching is a goal-driven, results-oriented process that offers guidance, clarity, support, motivation, and encouragement to the client going through a divorce. The purpose of divorce coaching at Option29 is to help you gain confidence in your mediation and divorce negotiations while breaking the barriers to being whole again. 

Loss of a relationship can cause emotional issues too. Therefore, we believe in divorce coaching that offers a holistic view of coaching at physical, emotional, spiritual, legal, financial, and intellectual levels.

What do divorce coaches do?

Divorce Coaching service is one of our flagship coaching programs. It is a one-on-one coaching program that peels off the pain, and in the end, empowers you to make critical decisions.

Your designated certified divorce coach becomes your thinking partner, life coach, providing you support throughout the divorce process. As a result of divorce coaching, you can effectively deal with your grief. In some cases, you can also make a better decision that helps your marriage and you as a spouse and parent. Therefore, impacting the whole family for good.

Our divorce coaches translate the legal jargon for you so that you feel at ease and confident. Clarification begins with a conversation, which leads to confidence. Your coach infuses your journey with trust.

“Enrollment for this comforting, clarifying experience empowers you,” says Audra McMahon. As a result, you feel confident and supported to rebuild your self-worth during a divorce.

Are divorce coaches worth it?

Yes, in most cases, having a divorce coach is holistically healthy and much cheaper than hiring a family law divorce attorney as a retainer. Our divorce coaches are trained in separating emotion from logic. Therefore, they are experts in assisting and guiding you through the overwhelm of your divorce. 

At Option29, we are your trustworthy team of divorce experts and professionals behind you. As a result, along with your designated divorce coach, we all help you gain your confidence and healing during your divorce process.

How is a divorce coach different than an attorney?

An attorney or a divorce lawyer is a licensed professional authorized by the American Bar Association to practice law in a particular jurisdiction. For example, a divorce attorney can represent you and your divorce case in various courts, as they are experts in the arena of family laws. They also have certain advantages and access to the judicial system.

A divorce coach works more holistically with you on your divorce proceedings. As a result, you get the guidance, support, and motivation to achieve your goals outside the legal arena.

The most significant difference, I would say, is that you will not get any emotional support from an attorney. Their forte is the legal field and the laws about their expertise and your case.

What role do divorce coaches play during the divorce process?

Divorce cases can sometimes turn into nasty battles. Unfortunately, this can cause more stress and overwhelm than necessary to objectively and logically reach a collaborative divorce. The legal process of proving that your marriage is beyond the compromisable agreement could take a long time based on your county laws.

A divorce coach can be highly beneficial and productive for the family. Different professionals offer various divorce coaching packages, as they are trained in multiple modalities and bring a different perspective and experience than a lawyer.

Therefore, depending on your case, concern, and budget, a divorce coach, could also be a therapist, life coach, mental health professional, wellness coach, etc. Divorce coaches could offer some legal advice and also let you tap into their collaborative professionals’ network. As a result, you could learn conflict resolution to have a better co parenting relationship for the sake of your children. 

Throughout your divorce process, your coach offers emotional support and therapy in some cases. And guides you to craft the best parenting plan that suits you and is also in your child’s best interest.

What can you do to support your children?

Every client is unique, and so are the important decisions they have to make. Some have minor children, and some do not. To be a present parent, provider, and caregiver, you have to take care of yourself. In the struggles and challenges that you face, do not disregard the need for your personal mental, emotional, physical wellness. 

The best way to support your children during your divorce is to lead by example. Learn to pick your battles, especially in a high conflict divorce. Compassion and grace towards self also go a long way. In some circumstances, there is court-mandated counseling and therapy required.

If you think your kids need a therapist or a counselor, so do you. Divorce does not happen to you or your partner. It happens to the entire family. If you become an active player in this game, you soon get to understand the rules and play the game reasonably well. Therefore, getting the chance of winning your battles as well. 

Breaking the barriers and working with us:

Our divorce coaching service also helps you discover what choices and behaviors your partner displayed in your marriage. As a result, you can continue to work with your divorce recovery coach on your barriers, struggles, and challenges. You can then begin to move forward, lifting your burdens, easing your anxiety and fears of the unknown.