Preparing For Divorce Financial Health Assessment Workbook

A Do-it-Yourself Workbook by Audra McMahon — DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Best-selling Author, Certified Divorce Lending Professional, and Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

Preparing For Divorce: Financial Health Assessment Do-it-Yourself Workbook is a resource for couples considering divorce, are separated, or in the active transition of divorce. This workbook is a practical, time-saving guide that walks you step-by-step to remove emotion from the logic to gain control of your finances, relationship, and life.

Financial Checklist For Divorce:

Our workbook will help you gain a clear understanding of your current financial health as a couple. Therefore, serving as a guide and stepping stone to creating a better life ahead with or without a partner. 

Through this workbook, you can develop a plan before, during, and after a divorce. You will find tremendous value in the clear action plan inside this workbook. It is full of financial planning checklists and budget worksheets that give you clarity and confidence in your financial health as a couple.

Property Division and Action Plan:

We know that property division in a divorce is emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually draining. Preparing For Divorce: Financial Health Assessment Do-it-Yourself Workbook helps you think of things you might be missing. You can prepare for divorce in the privacy of your own space before seeking outside advice and sharing your decision of divorce with the world.

This workbook provides you a financial health framework. Therefore, you will feel empowered and have clarity of the unknowns ahead in the divorce process. As a result, you will be stronger to tackle the pain of a dying relationship. You will be able to acknowledge your emotional loss with confidence and community support.

Author Audra McMahon:

The content inside this workbook capitalizes on the unique experiences of Audra McMahon and her team at The end goal is to determine your ambitious success during a divorce with actual results by separating your emotion from logic.

Objectives of this workbook:

Through this workbook, couples and individuals going through a divorce will be confidently coached to assess their financial health and create a successful plan. In this process, you will also:

  • Assess your financial health
  • Learn about your choices
  • Plan your finances
  • Create an action-plan
  • List resources and support available
  • Innovate your relationships
  • Discover your power

Financial Health Assessment Digital Download Workbook:

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